What’s In My Beach Bag 2018

Hello Everyone!

I decided to not post this summer due to completely focusing on working and completing my internship. Now that it’s the end of the summer I’m ready to get back into the full swing of things! Today, I’m going to show you guys what I like to keep in my beach bag.

So without further ado.. let’s get started!

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  1. Beach Bag

Obviously the most essential thing for the beach is a beach bag! My beach bag was actually a bag given to me from my internship at Deutsch Wine & Spirits! This bag is extra roomy and I love the woven-like material. I recommend looking at Walmart or Target for some options!

 2. Beach Towel

A beach towel is also a necessity for the beach. I picked mine up from Kohls for around $15! I also recommend looking for one of those beach rolls that have the built in head pillow because those are super comfy!

3. Plastic Pouch Zipper Bag

Something I find very useful at the beach is a plastic zipper cosmetic bag! These are perfect for holding items that you don’t want to get wet like cash, cards, chapstick, keys, etc. I recommend getting a tiny brush and a mini deodorant spray to keep in there as well for the end of your beach day! I found mine at Forever 21 years ago for $6! The striped pattern I found was super cute and is easy to find.

4. Sunscreen & Sun Tanning Oil

Sunscreen is SO SO SO SOOOOO important! I have SPF 55 and I use that on all my spots that I tend to burn, especially on my face! Tanning oil is something I like to use on my legs and arms. I love Banana Boat and Neutrogena.

5. Chapstick

Chapstick is great to have because it protects your lips from the sun and keeps them from drying out. I recommend Mongongo Lip Balm from Jersey Shore Cosmetics. It has a SPF 30 in it and it’s made with all natural ingredients which is a great bonus!

6. Baby Wipes 

Baby wipes are the MOST helpful thing you can keep in your beach bag! These are great because after applying lotions and oils you can wipe your hands off. It’s also great if you’re eating on the beach and don’t want sandy hands while eating! I happened to have makeup wipes in my bag but baby wipes will obviously be inexpensive and effective!

7. Facial Spray

Being on the beach can make you hot and sweaty and leave you feeling gross. I love using Mario Badescu Facial Spray anytime I need a little refresher or want to clean my face.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are something I always like to keep because who likes having the sun in their eyes? I usually like to keep a cheap pair so they don’t get gross or even possibly broken, but this day I decided to be a daredevil and wear my RayBan sunglasses. Forever 21 will have tons of cute inexpensive options!

8. Headphones

I always grab a pair of headphones when I’m heading to the beach because I like to unwind and relax. If your with friends feel free to ditch the headphones and enjoy conversations!


That concludes what’s in my beach bag! I hope you guys find this helpful the next time you’re heading to the beach 🙂



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What’s In My Beach Bag 2018

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