Summer 2018 Favorites

Happy Humpday!

Today I’m back with my 2018 Summer Favorites. There are many things that i’m loving and I feel like these items are perfect to use all summer. I’ll be talking about everything from beauty, to drinks, to even music! So if you want to find out what I think you’ll love this summer, just keep reading!

1. Aquaphor Lip Repair- $3.97


This stuff is heaven in a tube! This stuff is so hydrating and keeps my lips extra soft in the summer. My lips get dried out from being in the sun, so this is a must have to keep your lips looking soft and plump! This is also great for getting rid of the cracks on your lips.


2.  NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie – $4.99


This is the perfect everyday gloss. It’s a perfect pinky nude and looks great on tan skin! It applies evenly and smooth and it’s super inexpensive! I currently need a new one so I couldn’t swatch it, but trust me you’ll love this color!

3.  Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray- $7-$12


I have mentioned this product on my blog before, but this is my MUST HAVE for the summer. I’m constantly sweating in the summer and using this helps me cool off and keeps my skin looking fresh all at the same time! This is perfect for after the beach because it has aloe which feels great after sitting in the sun. I own this in all three sizes and make sure to have it with me at all times!

4.  Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Sunglasses- $168


These sunglasses are so cute! I usually never buy expensive sunglasses because I always break them but this summer I wanted to have a nice quality pair. These are so flattering and look great on my round face shape! A good pair of sunglasses is the best accessory for the summer and I highly recommend these!

5. Stok Ice Coffee- $4


This is my favorite product in this whole entire post! I live for ice coffee but it can get quite expensive buying it from Starbucks and Dunkin everyday. I ordered 12 ounce ice coffee to-go cups on amazon for around $7. The packs came with 100 cups so I feel that that is an awesome deal. I also found this delicious ice coffee at my supermarket. So now at home I make my own ice coffee and I’m saving close to $20 a week! I put a little ice in the cup, some of the coffee, and some almond milk and I’m set to go! Buying straws, cups, and a bag of ice was super inexpensive and I find that i’m enjoying my coffee even more than I was before!

6. Fave Summer Music

I made a new playlist on my spotify called “Summer Vibes” and it’s all of my favorite songs! These songs get you excited for summer and they range from hip-hop to EDM! If you want to check these songs out follow my Spotify at “devonciraolo”

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and want to try out some of my summer favorites! All of these items are things I swear by! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions 🙂





instagram: devonciraolo

Summer 2018 Favorites

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