How I Maintain White Teeth


So I took a little poll on Instagram to see what my next post should be and the winner by a landslide was…How to Get White Teeth!

All throughout middle school and the beginning of high school I struggled with getting white teeth. My teeth were extremely yellow and if i’m being honest, it just started to become really embarrassing. I was using whatever cheap toothpaste was sitting in my bathroom and if anything I felt that my teeth were just getting more yellow.


The left was my teeth sophomore year of high school and the right is me now. Both of these pictures have no filters. I honestly think the picture on the left is doing my yellow teeth justice because they looked 10x worse in person… I know it’s gross ok!!!

So I’m sure you’re done hearing me blab and you want to know my secrets, so let’s get started…

  1. My number one tip is investing in whitening strips. People spend hundreds of dollars on whitening treatments at the dentist and for $34-$70, I 100% think these are worth the investment.


There are many varieties of Crest White Strips, but I would say they all are great. The first box of Crest whitening strips I did were very extreme and they were around $60. These strips did make my teeth very sensitive and I had to keep them on for two hours for 7 days. Yes, these did completely transform my teeth, but I would never do them again after the discomfort. I found a picture of them, but it seems like they don’t even sell them anymore.  Within 6 years, I’ve done three boxes of whitening strips. The ones I recommend the most and I see dramatic results with are the ones below…


These strips are around $35 dollars and they are awesome! These strips have enough for two weeks. I recommend using these strips straight through instead of taking breaks in between. This will be how you see the best results. If you find that your teeth are becoming sensitive try and do them every other day. I also recommend using a sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne during the process.

So.. You have white teeth now, Congratulations!! But how do you keep them???

I’ve had so many people ask me what toothpaste I use and that toothpaste would be..


I would bet money that you will see results if you take a chance on this toothpaste. This toothpaste is a little pricey around the $6/$7 mark, but if you want to keep your teeth white…it’s called investing!!! Using this everyday, you will 100% see results.

I also reccomend the Crest Whitening Therapy Toothpaste.


Reason why I like this toothpaste more..

  • It’s the same price, but whitens a little faster
  • It comes in Enamel Care and Sensitivity which are both things that people struggle with when whitening their teeth
  • I like the taste

Investing in a good toothpaste is going to be the key to maintaining a white smile!!

A little bonus…

If you really want your teeth bright as hell, try using Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing Toothpaste and Whitening Gel System (ok extra much with the name????)


I bought this in the trial size for $5, and I really enjoy it. Sometimes I like to use this when I want my teeth to have a deep clean feel. I recommend using it straight through, or sticking to doing it a couple times a week. I do it a couple times a week and I see results!

My Last Tip

*Change your toothbrush/ toothbrush head*

Try and change your toothbrush every three months, because if your bristles are frayed they may not clean as effectively. Also, it’s just gross. Sorry not Sorry!

This concludes this week’s blog post..I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this helps those who want pearly whites! Please feel free to ask questions. See you guys next week 🙂




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How I Maintain White Teeth

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