How I Made $750 Selling Old Clothes

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I am back with a really exciting blog today! I’m sure everyone reading this wouldn’t mind some extra cash in their pockets, so I’m here to tell you how to get it. In October I created my account on Poshmark. What is Postmark you ask? Poshmark is an app where you can sell new or used clothes, shoes, accessories, and even makeup. Setting up your Poshmark account is really easy and selling stuff is even easier.

So here are all the tips and tricks you need to know to make a lot of cash on this app..

  1. Your Profile

People gravitate towards accounts that look trustworthy and relatable. Set your profile picture to a selfie or a picture that clearly shows your face. Once you have a picture you should fill out a bio. There is a bio that a lot of people copy and paste into their profile from online but I think it’s best to create your own unique one. Once your profile is all set, follow as many people as you can. Following all the people on your suggested users feed will help you gain followers which will help you to get people sharing your items. This is crucial to getting sales on your account. Try and share your own items as much as possible everyday because that is how people will constantly see your listings. Sharing your items to “parties” on the app will also boost sales.

2. How To Post Items

When posting items, pick things that you can rate at least an 8/10 on quality. Anything less than that should just be donated or thrown out. Before posting, always make sure your items are washed and clean. Great picture quality and good descriptions are key to drawing in buyers.

Here are some examples of what a post should look like…


This is always how you should take pictures of pants. It shows the buyers exactly what they’re getting! Always mention the condition of your items in the description. Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie jeans are popular and sell fast if you share them often!


When taking pictures of any kind of top always try and hang it. Hanging your top helps show buyers how something would look like if they were to buy it in the store. When you take a picture of something laid out on your bed or floor it looks unappealing. If something can’t be on a hanger try and lay it out as neat as possible. People should be able to see exactly what they’re getting. Modeling your own clothes is also another alternative!

I have sold almost 10 pairs of shoes on Poshmark. When selling shoes you want to make sure you get as many angles as you can. Another important step is making sure you clean the shoes. Cleaning the shoes will make them look great and will draw attention to your listing.

3. Pricing Your Items

When Pricing your items you have to be extremely reasonable. Something that is NWT (New With Tags) should be sold around 10-15% cheaper than original price. Rarely used items should be sold around 20-30% cheaper than original price. Items that are at their maximum usage to be on Poshmark should sell for 40-60%. If someone wants to negotiate a lower price they can make an offer with the offer button. Once they submit an offer you can accept it or counter with a different number. People can bundle multiple items from your closet and you can offer them a special price. If you want to make money my biggest tip is to be reasonable and remember the buyer is paying almost $7 for shipping.

4. You Made A Sale…What Now?

Once you’ve made a sale, you’ll receive an email with a shipping label. The buyer pays for the shipping so you don’t have to worry about it. Your earnings will be stored on your Poshmark account and will be released to you once your buyer accepts their package. After they accept they can leave a rating on you and your item!

Print out your buyer’s label and get your item ready for shipping. A lot of people will take their item and toss it in box and send it off, but that will not help with sales.

Here are some supplies you can use to make your packages look great..

  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Thank You Cards
  • Packing Tape

You can get all these items at the dollar store and I think it’s well worth the $5.

Here is how I wrap my packages!


I know this looks like a lot of work, but it’s literally so easy to do and takes less than a couple minutes. Make sure you thank you customer for shopping your closet and tell them you’re looking forward to working with them again! There are a lot of different cute thank you cards at the dollar store and they come with envelopes!

5. Sending Your Package

When I first started I had no idea how to get boxes and didn’t want to spend money to buy them. USPS lets you order Priority Mail boxes for free online. You can pick all different sizes and they will deliver them right to your door! You can also schedule for USPS to pick up your packages from your doorstep which is really convenient for me since I don’t bring my car with me to college.

These are all the helpful tips and tricks I have for Poshmark! I’m proud to say I have sold 85% of my items on Poshmark and have received 5-star reviews on every single one 🙂 Poshmark is a fun hobby and it also brings in a lot of extra cash. I know it can be a little tricky at first, but once you get started you’ll always want to sell. I hope this post really helps people with making money and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in my next post!



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How I Made $750 Selling Old Clothes

2 thoughts on “How I Made $750 Selling Old Clothes

  1. This was such an informative post! I’ve heard of Poshmark before but didn’t actually know what it was about. This sounds like something I might want to do because I have a TON of gently/never worn clothes, shoes, purses, etc just laying in my closet! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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